Reap Academy is a private supplementary school which provides knowledge and empowerment in education and life skills.

Our aim is to:

  • Build Confidence
  • Ignite the passion and excitement to learn
  • Remove age restrictions on academic ability
  • Witness academic growth in all students
  • Encourage students to ask questions and receive understandable answers
  • Provide tools for parents to monitor their children’s progress
  • Prepare students with life skills for their future careers

All our tutors follow the Reap Academy code of conduct, which is to:

  • Acknowledge the student’s efforts and progress and reward with praise
  • Use lesson plans that welcome interaction and vibrant teaching techniques
  • To academically challenge students to remove all forms of self-doubt and develop an ‘I can do’ attitude.
  • To encourage the students to ask questions, each question will be valued, appreciated and explained.
  • Provide students with homework to complete
  • To prepare assessmentsfor studentsto sit quarterly.

All our tutors are:

  • DBS checked
  • Qualified
  • Patient
  • Passionate

What we ask of you:

Your Child abides by Reap Academy Rules

Your Child arrives on time with note book, pencil, sharpener, rubber and dictionary

Your fee are paid on time